Thank you Morris County!

From the outset, I was fortunate to have an inner circle of individuals working with me that I was in daily communication with.  I also had an extended network that would help when tasks built up or we needed extra hands.  The final two weeks before the election, we needed all hands on deck.  After one single post on Facebook, we had them!  People came rushing to my office to help out for an hour or a day, depending on what they could give, just to bring home the victory.

The day before and day of the election, messages were coming in every way possible except carrier pigeon to the point that I could not keep up with the outpouring of support for my candidacy.  I am so humbled by the number of people who reached out with texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, posts on Facebook, comments on Facebook and calls to my office. I still can’t even begin to describe how incredible it felt to I know that so many people are behind me in this effort. If there’s one feeling that anyone in elected office should remember, it is that feeling…. the feeling you get when you have the support of the people.  Every person who holds office is there only because of the support of the people and that support must be earned.

Before the polls opened, I was reflecting on my journey from announcing my candidacy through Election Day. I knew that I worked very hard, attending up to six events a day on weekends and three events on weeknights in addition to knocking on 9,000 doors in the primary election cycle and over 1,550 in the general election cycle.  I was also on a team pulling a fire truck in Denville, visited PBA functions, participated in animal rescue events, charity motorcycle runs for children and other things I have been doing for years in our community.  My main goal was to communicate with the people of Morris County and make sure to understand the needs of all groups.  After all of the hard work, I was confident that I had a sound understanding of our county’s needs, had communicated my ideas to the people and was looking forward to the results on election night and, even more so, becoming a member of the Morris County Freeholder board.

I knew that no matter what happened on election night, it was an incredible journey for me. I learned the strength of some of my friendships and forged many new ones, some of which will last a lifetime. The level of support from my incredible team is something I could never have imagined. The schedule was difficult to maintain but very rewarding. What was been cemented most in my mind is what a great County I had the pleasure of growing up in.  Morris County has amazing people and great resources. We have diversity of race and religion but none of us talks about it, and I don’t think most of us notice it, because everyone here sees each other as part of a community that is united rather than different and we celebrate our diversity together. I am proud to be part of this community!

The results are in! Thanks to the voters of Morris County, yesterday, November 8, 2017, I sat in for the closed session of the Freeholder meeting for the first time. I am proud to be here by your choice!  I am grateful that the voters have given me the opportunity to serve the people of Morris County as a member of the Freeholder board. I thank each and every one of you for your contribution to the wonderful experience I enjoyed along the way.   I thank each and every single person who reached out to extend luck or congratulations or to tell me that they or their family members voted for me.

Thanks again to everyone, including the other candidate, who participated in the process whether you gave a donation, put in time on the campaign, came out to vote or all of the above!  I cannot wait to get to work for Morris County!



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